Practical Relationship Advice

In these blogs, articles, & essays you will find practical relationship advice and insights on a wide range of relational challenges.

I write about my current & evolving thinking on different aspects of relationships and how they are changing, as well as sharing practical tools and tips that you can immediately implement.

How to Stop the Arguing Before It Even Starts: The Traffic Light Tool

How to Stop the Arguing (Before It Even Starts): The Traffic Light Tool

We’ve all been there before, a spicy conversation leads to escalating tensions and suddenly IT’S ON.

This tool is designed to help you increase self awareness, handle emotional stress, and learn how to stop the arguing when conversations get spicy.

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Brave Woman at Protest to Dismantle Patriarchy

Love in the Messy Middle: 10 Ways to Dismantle Patriarchy in Your Relationship/s

Many of us feel emotional & cognitive dissonance between our commitment to social justice, while still having to navigate the realities of the world we *actually* live in. This is especially apparent in the relational dynamics with friends, family, and partner/s.

Like, yeah, I want to live from my feminist values, AND how do I change paradigms within an already established relationship?

Tara Thomas & Anna Walsh talk how to dismantle patriarchy within intimate relationships, and how that relates to overarching frames of patriarchy and capitalism in the mid-digital age.

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Does Online Couples Therapy Work? The Pros & Cons of Online Therapy

Post-panny, many of us still use Zoom for work or to connect socially, and most of us have a pretty good handle on it.

But does online couples therapy work? This blog takes a look at the most common mistakes people make, and covers how to get the most from online couples therapy.

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Defining Relationship Roles: Escaping Relational Fuckery

Relationship roles are rarely explicitly defined- most couples fall into roles that draw from the best & worst of their family histories. Those roles aren’t reviewed strategically, and are only discussed when frustration or resentment trigger an argument (or ongoing conflict).

Most of these challenges are created by poorly defined or disputed roles.

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That banana is attracted to someone else

Help! I’m Attracted to Someone Else: How to Handle Sexual Chemistry When You’re In a Relationship

There’s few things as exciting as the spark of sexual chemistry – you feel vital, desirable, like you’re alive! The experience can be empowering. The fallout can be devastating…

So what do you do when you’re in a relationship and find yourself sexually attracted to someone else?

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couples therapy in newcastle logo

Couples Therapy in Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Therapist

A Google search for “Couples Therapy in Newcastle” generates loads of options, so how do you decide?

How to navigate different approaches, find the right fit in your therapist, and screen their approach so you’re both a great team. A cynical anti-capitalist guide to finding a couples therapist in Newy & The Hunter Valley.

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What is Emotional Labour in Relationships?

Emotional labour is the energy & effort required to perform the task of managing emotions for self & others, so how does it affect relationships?
In the context of relationships, emotional labour includes a whole shit load of work performed to make sure others feel emotionally ‘comfortable’.

This piece will unpack some of the fuckery that comes with that work, and some of the common relational patterns arising from emotional labour.

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