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human behaviour: 6 core needs pyramid model

Reviewing The 6 Core Needs: Coaching and Criticisms

This psychological framework of the 6 core needs is helpful AND harmful. It perpetuates capitalist & oppressive ideals for individuals & relationships.
While there are some helpful perspectives and relational tools, it is also crucial to be mindful of the impacts of adopting models without considering the context.

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The 4 Attachment Styles; The Complete Easy-to-Use Guide to Attachment in Your Relationship

The latest trend in popular psychology is exploring attachment theory, and how that influences us as individuals in our various relationships.

Tara Thomas & Kia Handley talk about the different attachment styles, how attachment styles influence relationships, and what can we take from that into our futures.
[Includes audio & full transcript]

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Who has the Power as the Decision Maker in Your Relationship?

What happens when one partner has to make all the decisions? Tara Thomas and Kia Handley talk about whether it is okay to delegate decision making, and what to do if you want to change who is the decision maker. [Includes audio & full transcript]

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NLP Communication Model Lego Perspectives

The NLP Communication Model in Relationships

PART 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE NLP COMMUNICATION MODEL Video Episode Transcript: Download Transcript Introduction to The NLP Communication Model Image created by Tara Thomas The NLP Communication model is a conceptual framework that describes the human brain’s process of filtering sensory information. This model was developed by, and covers these key ideas; the three types…

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