Licensing FAQ

I really love making resources. ALOT. Honestly, my idea of a good time is a couple of hours on Canva with a coffee and a great idea percolating away in my mind. Problem is, they're mostly consigned to my harddrive where they languish for eternity.

So, a new project: I'm dusting off the pixels and uploading some cool shit to the resources section.

I've been inspired by Lindsay Braman (who makes REALLY cool shit) to offer a few different levels of licensing. The details of those is found below.

Licensing outlines the permissions granted with your purchase of a digital product. It specifies what actions ARE permitted and what actions are NOT permitted. This includes:

  • How you can use the product
  • Who is allowed to use the product
  • Where you are permitted to use the product.

More Detail Than You Probably Care For:

I'm a deeply curious person who enjoys delving into the reasons and philosophies behind people's choices and actions.

I'm also a mad over-thinker who often works through my decisions in writing. It's here if you're interested.