Human bodies and cells

Making the transition from partner to carer can be sudden and provide a big challenge to your relationship. Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about how to navigate shifting dynamics in your relationship when one partner requires an additional level of care due to illness, accident, or disability.
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Smashed Glass symbolising fragile friendships

How fragile are your friendships? I mean, let’s get real here; What happens if someone doesn’t reply to a text? What do you do if it’s “too hard” to arrange a catch-up? Which of your invisible rules have you articulated to your friends? Are you flexible and generous in your interpretations?

Relationships can be tricky at the best of times, and often it’s a lack of relational skill that leads to fragile friendships.

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three people holding hands

We have been educated to believe that a monogamous relationship is “standard”, and that anything else is a deviation from that norm… but how much do you really know about non monogamy? And what is polyamory? [Full Transcript Below] Audio You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on…

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