coffee cup and sorry

How to say sorry is so fundamental to our relationships, that it ought to be taught at every level of education. Why do people find it so hard to say sorry? And what constitutes a great apology? [Includes audio & full transcript]

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Jealousy Monster min

Is jealousy an issue in your relationship? What do you do when the green eyed monster rears its ugly head?
The Sugar Doctor and Kia Handley discuss how to deal with jealousy in intimate relationships.

[Includes audio & full transcript]

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Yes and No Signs for creating boundaries

How to define your boundaries is one of the trickiest things to navigate in a relationship; Even when we are clear about what our personal boundaries are, it can still be a challenge to articulate and maintain them with others. Qualitative researcher, Dr Brené Brown, says that according to her research, the primary reasons people…

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