Couples Therapy in Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Therapist

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Couples Therapy in Newcastle: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Therapist

Tara Thomas

Hey, I'm Tara, relationship coach & couples therapist.

I'm definitely a weirdo, and have never traveled a conventional path-
It sucks because the world isn't designed for misfits, sometimes it's myself I'm rebelling against, and being a weirdo can be lonely.

I swear a lot, think life is too short to waste on drama & bullshit, and dream of a world where we ALL belong.

Tara Thomas

Hey, I'm Tara, relationship coach & couples therapist. I'm definitely a weirdo, and have never traveled a conventional path- It sucks because the world isn't designed for misfits, sometimes it's myself I'm rebelling against, and being a weirdo can be lonely. I swear a lot, think life is too short...

A Google search for "Couples Therapy in Newcastle" generates loads of options, so how do you decide? How to navigate different approaches, find the right fit in your therapist, and screen their approach so you're both a great team. A cynical anti-capitalist guide to finding a couples therapist in Newy & The Hunter Valley.

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    What are the Types of Couples Therapy in Newcastle?

    There's an incredible amount of talent, compassion, and support in this region- this isn't about making unflattering comparisons to manipulate you into working with me.

    I'm definitely not everyone's cup of tea!

    You'll find a huge range of practitioners when you search for "couples therapy in newcastle". Within those search results, there's varied skill levels, experience, approaches, and personalities. Consider broadening your search terms to capture some other couples therapists in Newcastle-

    Some other terms you might try as well as couples therapy in newcastle include;

    • Relationship Coaching Near Me
    • Marriage Counselling Newcastle
    • Relationship Counsellor Newcastle
    • Couples Counselling Hunter Valley
    • Relationship Psychotherapy Near Me
    • Relationship Therapy Newcastle

    You also need to know that folks who come back on page 1 of your search for Couples Therapy in Newcastle are not necessarily the best or even the most popular. Some are paying more money for advertising. The others are doing better with their website SEO. Neither of those things reflect couples therapy skills, okay? You might find a terrible couples therapist on page 1, and a fantastic couples therapist on page 15.

    Each of those therapists draw tools & skills from their personal backgrounds which might include the following couples therapy modalities;

    There is no "better" or "more effective" approach. It is important to consider the best approach FOR YOU. Descriptions of 'evidence based' and 'proven' modalities can be misleading - of course that's a factor of good outcomes, but it is only one factor amongst many.

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    Spilling the Tea on Couples Therapists in Newcastle

    There are lots of different education backgrounds for practitioners of couples therapy in Newcastle, which share many of the same tools & techniques.

    The key difference is the training of each practitioner, the school of therapy that informs their approach, and the requirements of professional bodies for registration and supervision.

    In my (opinionated) opinion, qualifications are important data to inform your decision, BUT given the variation of skill even within a qualification you want to take that with a grain of salt!

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    How to Choose Your Couples Therapist

    Research has shown that the quality of your relationship with your therapist is more important than the type of therapy you choose. It's a key marker of your likelihood for successful outcomes; no therapeutic alliance, no results.

    It's even more important for couples therapy because there are 3 therapeutic relationships in the room;

    • you & your couples therapist
    • your partner & your couples therapist
    • the couple & your couples therapist

    As I said earlier - there's an incredible amount of talent, compassion, and support for couples therapy in Newcastle and the broader Central Coast & Hunter region. It's worth taking some time to find a couples therapist you BOTH like, trust, and who 'gets' you.

    1. You Should Like Your Couples Therapist

    You're not looking for a new friend, but you ARE looking for someone who seems like a good fit for you personality wise.

    What You Should Look For Initially:

    • You get along with your therapist.
    • You're comfortable with the way they speak & behave
    • You feel like you can be yourself; speaking & behaving how you usually do
    • They feel like a good match for you
    • Your therapist supports your goals.

    It's also worth saying that in the year 2023 there are so many choices available to you for couples therapy in Newcastle, not just locally but internationally, so let's make "finding good humans" a criteria for all our business interactions!

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    2. You Should Trust Your Couples Therapist

    Building trust with your couples therapist happens over time, but it's worth noting that if you feel weird vibes from the start that's a good reason to find someone else.

    What You Should Look For;

    When you are sorting through the options for couples therapy in newcastle, notice how each therapist interacts with you;

    • You don't feel pressured
    • They don't promise results
    • You feel heard.

    Relational work can stir up feelings, experiences, and memories. Sometimes it challenges the way you think, how you engage with the world, and who you want to become. That can be hard, you know? It's crucial that you can trust your couples therapist.

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    3. Your Couples Therapist & Your Background, Identity, Lifestyle, and Beliefs

    Couples therapy isn't just about working with relational issues, it is also about acknowledging and understanding the broader context of your life, and the impact that has on your relationship.

    Finding a therapist who shares the same background, identity, lifestyle, or belief systems can be powerful for the work you will do with them. 

    You will need to decide for yourself how important that is, and whether it's enough that they have educated themselves about your background, identity, lifestyle, or belief systems, or whether you want them to share it.

    What You Should Look For;

    • Do they share some elements of your background, identity, lifestyle or belief systems?
    • Are there specific elements that are a priority for you to share?
    • Do they have personal, religious, political, or other affiliations that contradict or oppress yours?
    • Have they worked with clients who share your background, identity, lifestyle, or beliefs?
    • Even if they could work with you, would you feel more comfortable with someone more like you?
    • There are couples therapists who work with specific social identities and intersections, consider whether that's important to you.

    You can read more about my positionality here, my orientation toward couples therapy here, and my worldview here.

    Couples Therapy Newcastle Questions
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    Questions to Ask a Potential Therapist

    Here are some questions you could ask a potential therapist to get a feel for whether they will be right for you. Don't just ask them all, take some time to consider what is important to you, and which of these questions helps you establish that information when you're exploring couples therapy in Newcastle.

    It might feel a bit awks to ask these questions, but it's shit loads worse when you discover there's a crucial mismatch in the middle of a session!

    Hopefully you have found this to be a useful guide to choosing a therapist from your online search for couples therapy newcastle.

    If you're still not sure how to find a good fit, you're very welcome to book a Meet & Greet with me where we can explore your options. It is 100% not a sales call, I am committed to finding the best couples therapist for you.

    * WTF Does Capitalism Have to Do With It?

    I am working to run an anti-capitalist business, within the framework of a capitalist world. I don't use manipulative or extractive techniques, and my business is a vehicle for social change (not for growth of profit).

    AND I feel cynical about it because the digital space is the main pathway for folks to find me.

    You'll notice that in this piece I say "Couples Therapy Newcastle" a whole bunch of times. That's because Google algorithms reward pages & blogs that use keywords relevant to a topic. This means that the top results of your search are not necessarily the best products or services, they're just the ones who play the game with SEO and/or paid advertising.

    I'm playing the SEO game, and keeping that transparent AF. So, the meta-outcomes for this post are that it BOTH optimises my website for Couples Therapy Newcastle, AND it helps you to pick the right couples therapist for you.

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