Smash the Kyriarchy

"In feminist theorykyriarchy (/ˈkriɑːrki/) is a social system or set of connecting social systems built around dominationoppression, and submission. The word was coined by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza in 1992 to describe her theory of interconnected, interacting, and self-extending systems of domination and submission, in which a single individual might be oppressed in some relationships and privileged in others. It is an intersectional extension of the idea of patriarchy beyond gender.[1]

Kyriarchy encompasses sexismracismableismageismantisemitismhomophobiatransphobiaclassismxenophobiaadultismadultcentrismeconomic injusticeprison-industrial complexephebiphobiagerontophobiacolonialismmilitarismethnocentrismanthropocentrismspeciesism and other forms of dominating hierarchies in which the subordination of one person or group to another is internalized and institutionalized"

~Definition from Wikipedia 20th August 2021. Read current version here.

How Can I Learn More About Intersectionality & Kyriarchy?

This is not my area of expertise. I am a lifelong learner alongside you!

It's good to start with your own research.

  1. You can go right ahead and search "what is the kyriarchy" in your search engine of choice
  2. Search "what is intersectionality" in your search engine of choice
  3. Explore social justice education, and find social justice educators in each of those intersecting spaces. Here are some from whom I have directly paid to learn; Sharyn Holmes, Nkem Ndefo & Rae Johnson, Bear Hebert.

How Does Relationship Coaching Help Smash the Kyriarchy

I believe that the path to collective liberation is through deeply connected & curious relationships. By developing relational self-awareness, we shift our own position in each of our interactions, thereby transforming our families and communities from the micro to the macro.

This doesn't happen by trouble shooting domestic logistics, unpacking attachment styles & family histories, or by learning good boundaries (although all of that is important)...

It requires fundamentally redefining our understanding of and relationship to: reciprocity & contribution,  productivity & money, meaning & legacy, sex & eroticism, commitment & conflict, power & consent, play & work, independence & freedom, and love & intimacy.

It's about moving toward intimate, family, and community relationships with;

  • invitations to dialogue
  • celebration of differences
  • strength based contribution
  • equity according to capacity
  • reciprocity on a broader scale than 1:1
  • collaborative & creative approaches
  • and mutual aid.

How, specifically, Do YOU work to Smash the Kyriarchy

I don't have a polished answer here, it is a work in progress and the scope of my work is my lifetime.

I consider myself to fit well within the scale of Micro Social Justice. That is for a number of reasons including;

  • my physical & mental health and capacities
  • my intensely introverted nature
  • my preference for one to one or small group interactions.

[You can read more about Micro, Mezzo, and Macro approaches to social work by doing a search on your engine of choice...]

There are some specific ways that I consciously work to smash the kyriarchy through different lenses and I will attempt to articulate some of that below if you are interested in where I stand, what I do, how that guides my work.

Please also note that this is a living document, and does not get priority for me to keep it updated. That means it doesn't always reflect what I am ACTUALLY doing, I don't always report back here on what I'm doing... ya know? The purpose of this page is to give you a sense of my orientation & action, not a full and accurate reporting.