Relationship Bibliotherapy

I've had a lifelong love affair with reading and am a voracious reader of a diverse range of genres. This reference library contains MY favourite books in each category. For that reason you could also consider this to be a bibliography for all of my work as well as the source of my approaches to couples therapy.

I encourage you to consider reading some books adjacent to what you're looking for because there's often magic in learning things you never knew you needed. For those in monogamous relationships, I also recommend exploring books in the consensual non-monogamy category. The processes and tools in these books are gold standard.

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    Basics - Relationships 101

    Breaking Up

    Collaboration & Change Making

    Consensual Non-Monogamy | CNM | Polyamory


    Dynamics & Relationship Patterns




    Neurobiology & Relationships

    Self Esteem & Body Image

    Sex & Eroticism

    Shit List

    Therapy - For Therapists & Relationship Geeks